Based in Basingstoke and Bournemouth we have a team of qualified engineers to component level specialising in supplying new, refurbished and repairs in all manufacturers of network hardware.
Value for money in all services.
You can totally rely on us with no! NO red tape to hinder the process. This makes us prioritize your requirement down to your delivery anywhere in the UK or International or even next day or same day service if required including Weekends if needed.
Our prices are good too.
The recycle and supply and repair of equipment
As soon as any requirement comes in by phone or email, every project undertaken will ensure that time is at the essence. We will work within your budget to provide excellent service and delivery as promised with fast efficiency either next day or same day service.


In 1999, Conica understood the market dealing with CSR and offer specialised help in mainly router, switch server PSU repairs, covering all major manufacturers of network hardware for over 20 years with a team of highly specialised engineers up to component level.



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CIO’s & CRS Managers

Both chief information officers (CIO) and corporate responsibility managers (CSR) have the most important roles within their organizations so we understand the pressures of rising inflation and managing costs down and your vision for the future.
Conica Networking have a concern and are passionate about linking our just the type of service where we can offer something that will help towards creating your objective together controlling the IT budgets in place and the focus. Directed at the IT environment working to help with high quality and efficient IT measures.
We would love to work with you and you will have a manager who would be dedicated to work with you even if it means out of hours. That’s how important it is to us
Please contact us on sales@conicanetworking.co.uk


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Whether it’s network hardware repairs, sourcing refurbished equipment, or investing in brand-new hardware, we’ve got you covered.