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Excess or redundant equipment, whilst no longer of use to you, often works like new and may still hold market value. We can buy back this surplus equipment, refurbish it and resell it, helping to realise the maximum value for you.

We can also fully manage the decommissioning and removal of redundant equipment, timing, where relevant, with the installation of new equipment to minimise busines time.


We pay you!

Redundant computer equipment has put growing pressure on companies to dispose of IT equipment in an environmentally friendly way and help our 3rd world countries.

Disposal and Recycling

Our disposal and recycling service redundant laptops, monitors, desktops, servers, storage units, telephone systems and all other types of networking equipment.


Helping Developing Countries

We contact registered IT distribution charities in developing countries, which is in desperate need for this technology.

A Greener Environment

This which allow communities in these areas to benefit from reusable IT equipment and therefore doing our part to create a greener environment

Your Surplus Stock

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